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   Hotel Introduction
  Yuyao is located in the beautiful rich Yangtze river delta. Warlords set county, history has "southeast the most MingYi", literature name the nations reputation. Here are the Chinese ancient civilization is one of the original "hemudu site"; The celebrities are marvel at the han dynasty GaoShiYan son ling, Ming dynasty famous philosopher wang, the sino-japanese cultural exchange pioneer ZhuShun water, in late Ming and early qing dynasty famous thinkers such as pineapple state outstanding representative; Here are theclear waters north faces the QianJiangChong lake of hangzhou bay, south even green and four typical, YaoJiang winding monohydrate midstream, natural scenery.
  Tongyong hotel is located in the golden area, away from the train station only 1 km high-speed bus station, the traffic is very convenient, is a collection of catering, hotel, entertainment, conference, business and leisure in an integrated three-star tourist hotel.
  The restaurant have box 16 only, decorate and chic, the hall is spacious and bright fashion, the more rich jiangnan the characteristic, style of the multi-function hall for business banquet and large wedding, can accommodate 600 people at the same time, the chef cooking, is your banquets, team receives the ideal place; Room 97s (set), price moderate, the environment comfortable, rich personalized, suitable for all kinds of consumer groups. The hotel has large, medium and small conference room 4 rooms, equipped with projector and other facilities, can also receive 300 people of all kinds of meetings; The hotel also has a lobby bar, business center, shopping malls and other facilities.
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