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Hotel rooms and public health area commonly used detergent

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  Industrial and public facilities (I&I) washing supplies, usually refers to the industrial such as papermaking, textile, food, transportation... Used detergent and public facilities such as hotel, hospital, school use detergent. In the public facilities, from requirements washing goods variety and quantity, the hotel is used more, use a wide range, so know hotel use detergent, can generally understand the other public facilities such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, large authority, and other units to the requirements of cleaning products. The hotel is used in detergent, usually divided into three categories, namely laundry use series laundry agent, food and beverage kitchen, oven, dishwasher... Use cleaner, and guest rooms and public health area use cleaner. About laundry and catering with series of detergent, has set up a file in the literature [1] and [2] [3] are have been introduced, the guest rooms and public health area commonly used cleaner, varieties, use, function, decontamination requirements etc. Aspects - introduction [4].

  1. Carpet cleaner

  Carpet was made of wool, cotton yarn or chemical fiber woven together, spread widely in the hotel guest rooms, meeting rooms and corridors on the ground, often be sole bring dirt such as dust, sludge, tanji etc contamination, in the guest room when have dinner will also be grease, tea, coffee stains, fruit stains, etc contamination, daily cleaning is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, FeiZhiXie, fruit scurfy, etc. In addition to the daily cleaning, carpet cleaning should be regularly to keep the carpet clean and beautiful. Commonly used carpet cleaner have high foam carpet cleaner, low foam carpet cleaner, carpet scouring agent.

High foam carpet cleaner is mainly composed of detergency is strong, is prone to bubble and foam stability of anionic surfactant (such as dodecyl sulfate) and has the stable foam function of non-ionic surface active agent (such as alkyl alcohol amide...) , as well as various auxiliaries compound with and become. When cleaning, carpet cleaning machine in cleaner detergency and rub the dual role of grinding force, will dirt pine crack and adhere to the produce of foam, after the cleaner to foam and will remove dirt. High foam carpet cleaner except in the carpet cleaning machine applied external can also be used to artificial cleaning the carpet. High foam carpet cleaner to carpet surface dirt removal effect is good.

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