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Yuyao is located in the beautiful rich Yangtze river delta. Warlords set county, history has "southeast the most MingYi", literature name the nations reputation. Here are the Chinese ancient civilization is one of the original "hemudu site"; The celebrities are marvel at the han dynasty GaoShiYan son ling, Ming dynasty famous philosopher wang, the sino-japanese cultural exchange pioneer ZhuShun water, in late Ming and early qing dynasty famous thinkers such as pineapple state outstanding representative; Here are theclear waters north faces the QianJiangChong lake of hangzhou bay.... 
Room   Prices
Suite    558 yuan (including breakfast)
Deluxe Twin  398 yuan (including breakfast)
Deluxe Single  398 yuan (including breakfast)
Single   338 yuan (including breakfast)
Standard Room  338 yuan (including breakfast)
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